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12 October 2012

Beautiful Malaysia (Part 4)

Last week we talked about the food and the temples, now we are going to see how their malls look like and the interesting craze they had there! Malaysians loooove Baskin Robbins. Do you know that? I certainly had no ideaaa! When I saw how in love they were, my jaw dropped. Seriously... read on to be surprised!

Next, we see the malls. The architectures in the more luxurious malls are very impressive. 

I was surprised to find a Forever 21 all the way in Malaysia. I thought it was a North America franchise... guess I am wrong. 

Baskin Robbins. My goodness. That franchise is going MORE than successful in Penang. It's crazy how people lined up to buy Baskin Robbins. I am not too sure but apparently on a certain Wednesday of the month, you can buy Baskin Robbins on a little bit of discount. This is what it looks like. A bit of discount and gazillion customers. It's crazy. I mean I look at the price and it's not as if it's free. It is still quite expensive for any Tom Dick and Harry to buy it as though ice cream is going extinct! I have no words to express the disbelief I had experienced standing there, watching everyone fighting for ice cream. 

Anyhow, leaving that aside, it was quite an experience! Ouff!

 This is another shopping mall we visited was Straits Quay. Granted, this is a mall for the rich. Everything there is super expensive and the interior looks like a top-notch hotel. I went there during work hours so of course, it's very deserted. Also, it's far from the super crowded city and it's located on an artificially made beach. Very gorgeous. The atmosphere is soul-relieving. Do go!
A relative opened a nail polish/design shop there called the Blossom Nail Spa. Omg... the service is excellent. I was pampered like a queen. I definitely give the shop two thumbs up!

If you shop at that mall, I swear you will feel like you own a big manor in the mountain, waking up to the sea every morning. Beautiful place.

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Next, we will be visiting the beach! Omg. The beach is like none other! It's breathtakingly beautiful. What better beach to go other than an entire island designed to be a vacation beach island? Stay tune and subscribe for more!

Sneak Peak of Paradise:

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11 October 2012

One Piece Chapter 684 Review

Smoker versus Vergo's fight! So awesome. It was interesting. I expected Vergo to use Haki but so far, it doesn't look like he is using it. Either he 'forgot' or he doesn't know how (which I doubt... consider he is Doflamingo's men. I'm sure that badass chooses his crew very carefully.)

So currently, the people are spread:
Smoker and Law fighting Vergo in D
The Straw Hats in B 
Luffy and Samurai's son in C 
Ceasar in R 

Now everyone's goal is to get to R where Ceasar is... poor guy, gonna get his ass kicked so badly ...soon.
Trafalgar looks so wasted on the ground. Trololol~ I am so glad he is fighting Vergo now! Thank god (Oda) we don't have to wait 1000 chapters to see them fight. Strangely, every time I look at Smoker (especially after the 2 years skip), he reminded me of Terminator... Arnold *stand on furnace* "I'll be back" 

I wonder what's about the S.A.D. that makes Smoker creeps out. That gotta mean something!
Wow, so his 'iron' bamboo can shoot darts... hopefully, those darts aren't his saliva transformed into iron... that would be very awkward otherwise.

 Aaah Smoker's ability never ceases to make me gape. I really like how Oda draws Smoky Smoker.

 FALCON PUNCH! Ouufff so sexy! Again, Oda is good at creating memorable punching scenes. 
Oh! and Smoker actually hit someone bare-handed! He usually uses his jutte. I guess that direct punch means he is really, really pissed off. 

You said it, Smoker! His angry face is so cute *fangirl giggles*
Go kick Vergo's ass!

Haha, a cute comic relief. It's nice to see the G-5 is bonding well with Sanji. It's a bit sad that the G-5 men still believe that Vergo didn't betray them... oh well ignorance is bliss. 
Just as things start to look bright and happy, it went downhill. The gas is now flowing into B section where all the Straw Hats and Marines are. Run people run!

Meanwhile, we have Ceasar twisting his story. He makes Vegapunk a scumbag who deteriorates the gas explosion when Ceasar was the culprit. I actually dislike him. It's rare that I dislike a character (because I am pretty chill lolololol) but something about Ceasar rubs me the wrong way... *glare* Well, I guess that's a good move by Oda. It makes us involve in hating someone. Mouhahaha!
I... I wasn't .... expecting this. At. All. I thought the other dragon was Samura's son... *Facepalm* I wanted Samura-san to feel bad injuring the dragon... guess that won't happen. So is Luffy supposed to ride on this dragon to escape the trash hole? LOL If I'm right, I would laugh very hard. 

Again, I can't wait to see how the fight between Vergo and Smoker will turn out. I wonder who will be fighting Baby 5 and Buffalo. It's going to be epic. Law needs to recover soon man... lying on the floor doesn't do well for your image. Get up!

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8 October 2012

Do You Know Patapon?

Patapon is one of the cutest and unique PSP games I have ever played. We bought a PSP because we wanted to play this game! You have to try it out... or at least know what it is about!
While I am not the patient time to play a slow game, this game is surprisingly fascinating. It's a little bit boring watching people play but when you play it... boy! It's amazing! I speak from experience. Basically, your little eyeball people move as you drum along with the music. If you are off beat, they will be awwww... The game is pretty straight forward and easy. You don't need to be a music expert to play the game.

(Disclaimer: The pictures are not mine. Just a bunch I took from the internet. I would have screenshot them myself but ... I'm dead lazy.)

Absolutely adorable. My dad and I both enjoy this game very much. It's not very violent so kids and grandma can play. No sweat. You might thing it's like Angry Birds but it's not exactly the same. The art is a tiny bit similar but that's it. Angry Birds is more much more merciless than Patapon lol. Poor piggies are just there hiding in their ruined houses. Anyway, I highly recommend Patapon to anyone. Give it a try, you will love it.

Here is Patapon 2 trailer~ soooo cute! 

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6 October 2012

Nero Devil May Cry 4 Play Arts Kai (Part 1)

My collection of sexy men has just increased by one! So for my birthday, my friends collectively bought me Nero from Devil May Cry 4! OMG Thank you guys! For those of you who follow my blog, you probably know how much I wanted Nero from my ranting on Gabranth's post. When I opened the present, I was like OOooooOOohhh Noooo, you guys didn't do thaaattttt! I hate youuuu~ You are sooo nasty surprising me like that (while grinning and squealing like an idiot) I am very happy to have wonderful friends. Let's see what Nero has in store!

So yup! Squall and Gabranth, welcome your new friend Nero! 
The first thing I noticed when I placed these hotties together is that Nero is bloody tall! Squall dwarfs him like 1 1/2 head! Well... Nero has long legs! *wink*
This picture is so baws! Gabranth looks ready for battle. Squall is sulking and brooding as usual. *pat pat* you are now the shortest... Nero is like Awww Yeaaaah~ I'm sexy and I know it!

Nero out of the [genuine] box while after eating birthday cake. He is lovely! I was immediately in love with it when I lay eyes on him. I had wanted him for so long. After a few disappointment snooping around the internet, my friends bought it for me! They bought him from Geekplastiq for $39.99. So in total, it should be around $65. True friends are amazing. *wipe tears* Fear not my friends, I will be taking lots and lots of pictures of Nero and his new buddies.
Nero is like "Whatever. I'm out of here!" ------>

New update: I would recommend people trying out Geekplastiq. The customer service is TOP NOTCH! The owner had just contacted me to thank me for blogging about their product. I think that is a very polite thing he did. I talked to my friends who bought Nero, surprisingly, they knew who I was talking about because they had contacted him before (for questioning). Apparently, Geekplastiq answers your questions very quickly. Overall experience: FANTASTIC!

His figurine is awesome. Very detailed and steady. Unlike Squall (most fragile of all 3), Nero is easy to 'stand' and twist around. His waist, lets, thighs can go 360. The only thing I was a tiny winy bit sad is that because he is sooo sturdy, his articulation is kinda limited. His arms aren't open or move around as much as Squall and Gabranth but still movable. You can probably tell just by looking at his elbows. Sooo firm and sexy. I hate how his hair blocks his beautiful eyes. *table flip*

One thing I absolutely love about Nero is his clothes. Mother of God, his outfit is amazing! They felt rough, not all plastic-ish, and it's sooo cool. It's like real leather except it's probably some sort of rubber. The texture on his clothes is Aaaamazing. Though his pants are too stiff compare to Squall's sexy pants.

I couldn't decide which shots I like best so I post them both. The camera angles gave out 2 different atmospheres and I really want to show you guys the differences. 
Nero is pretty serious as a figurine. He looks way too mature than his baby-face in DMC 4. I love how his coat is bellowing (frozen forever in that position). 

Oh yeah. Nero slashed Squall in half...
As I said, Squall is the most fragile of the 3 so his body tends to detach... which my eye twitched whenever it happens. Thank god for ball-joint! It always pains me to plop him back. Y U SO FRAGILE SQUALL? You already look like a girl, no need to behave like one... Man upppp.
Nero turning on Red Queen... Brooom! Brooom! Nero! I wish there's fire coming out from his sword. 

 Gabranth joined the stabbing. Poor Squall. he is still fighting the 2 foes. Fighto my pretty boy!
You see Nero's demonic hand. The detail is amazing. You can twist the hand around. Oh and his human hand has a small bum sticking out so that you can poke it through the sword (has a hole). That way, you don't have to force the sword on his delicate hand. Just stick into the hole and voila. lololol The same applied to his Blue Rose (gun). Interestingly, his back has a similar an edge that you can hook the Red Queen (sword) on. Super special awesome. (See top pictures for that position)
If you want to sell how Nero articulates, there are reviews on Youtube. Me? I'm just bragging about Nero and take pretty pictures of my boys! XD

O.K. Squall gave up. Lower the gunblade. Poor Squall... I bully him way too much. That's because he looks so fragile and feminine... mouhahahaha!
I know Nero's arm looks a little bit weird but it's actually normal. I tried to pose the same way as he did and my arm did that awkward bend. 
Again, you can see the difference between the 3 figurines. Gabranth is the most shiny! Love his armor!

Nero: Ok dude, stop stabbing Squall. He probably is going to cry and brood forever after this.  

We threw a sad funeral for Squall with wild weeds... I mean beautiful yellow flower and clover... 
Nero makes a good mourner. He looks almost TOO sincere in his mourning. The color is so beautiful in this picture. Nero's costume is naturally this colorful. 

Nero: ENOUGH! Stop. Taking. My. Pictures. Woman! Or I will go Devil May Cry on you!

Overall, Nero is a splendid figurine. He just looks so cool. I didn't do any photoshop (an essential skill I should learn one day...) so if you want to buy Nero, you won't regret it! He is prefect! ...and hot. 
The gang and he are gonna stay forever by myself. I can't imagine giving them away. My precioussss. I would like to thank my friends for gifting me this expensive figurine. Love you guys! 

Nero Part 2
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5 October 2012

Beautiful Malaysia (Part 3)

Prepare to have the breath knock out of you! Behold this stunning beauty that left my jaw dropped.
We have already seen plenty of interesting stuff about Malaysia (Life and Food) but there are so much more to explore! Let's hop on our blog-mobile and speed off!

And of course you can't go to Penang and not visit their famous Buddhist temple: Kek Lok Si. Currently the impressive front gate is under renovation. It's truly a beautiful place. Very peaceful. At night, pretty lights will brighten the temple to a truly magical castle. Definitely, you got to go there when you visit Penang.

Just magnificent. This is where Buddhists mediate. The golden bowl is where they place the incense sticks. You can also purchase (donate money) the candles. No, these are not orange juices. They are candles which you can either buy home or pay respect to the deities. Very beautiful. The atmosphere of the place is just soul-relieving!

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2 October 2012

One Piece Review Chapter 683

OMG. OMG. OMG. Ovaries exploded. I bet this is the chapter all Trafalgar Law's fangirls have been waiting for... His fluffy hat... off! I squealed so loud I'm surprised my windows aren't shattered yet. I was kinda bummed that there wasn't a upload last week. So when I saw this, I said to myself "This better be good." 
Oda-sensei. THANK YOU! 
The overall chapter plot wasn't as strong as the previous but dayyuuuum, Trafalgar Law FINALLY without his hat is one huuuuuuuuugeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bonus!

AM I SEEING WHAT I THINK I SAW? Hat... flew away... 
So Law is trying pretty hard to get his heart back because he can't really go against Doflamingo if Vergo has his heart. I wonder why did he miscalculate the fact that Vergo WON'T have his heart? He said he was planning to get his heart back but he miscalculated Vergo... silly Law-chan. Vergo showed you that he has your heart back in the cage... you should have remembered that crucial moment!
He looked absolutely badass in here! FINALLY. OH the suspense! My feels!

 YES, we get to see his sexy face without that hat and shadow always shading his eyes. (In case you guys didn't notice in the manga.)

 Smoker to the rescue. OHHHH YEAAAHHH. The fight between Smoker and Vergo is going to rock. Unquestionable. Go Smoker! Kick his ass!

Then we have Luffy who was fighting Monet while Ceasar escapes. So we know her Devil Fruit is snow-related (should be a logia then) and she can put somehow to sleep by hugging them (hypothermia?) But as usual, you can always rely on Luffy to break away from a gorgeous woman's spell. 

Awww Robin winced in pain. That's so rare. Kinda cute in a way since she is always so emotionless. In this screen, she looks like Boa Hancock. Woohooo~ but at least now we know she feels pain when her giant hands are wounded. I believe this is a new piece of information. 

Anyhow. I am really, really excited about the next chapter. Hopefully, it will be about Smoker and Vergo having an epic, mortal combat! Law needs to pull himself together because lying unconscious when 2 monsters are about to fight might not be the wisest. 

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1 October 2012

Do You Know about Bizarre Foods?

Alright, when my mom told me that there is this guy going around the world, eating bizarre food, I ask her what's so unique about him?

She said: "He ate moving tentacles, ate sheep head. eyeballs, heart, pig's brain...etc."
I was that close to run out of the house screaming 'bloody murder'!

Nevertheless, it's still an interesting food channel! Today, I decided to give it a try. Of course, my mom had to turn it on while we were having lunch. I cringed and winced the whole lunch. LOL. Though~ I learn quite a bit about different cultures.

Basically, this man (Andrew Zimmern) eats the MOST bizarre food around the world.
You have to watch his videos yourself! I can't explain how I feel.

Bizarre Foods: Morocco

Seriously, this guy is weird. I wouldn't be able to keep a straight, happy face if you dump me at those places. The Morocco market reminds me of Diablo's sand city. I expected some evil demons to pop out from the shadows. And those Goatsmen chanting nasty spells at you... yup. Too much game for me. Still, eating a goat's head? That's pretty nasty in my book. 

Bizarre Foods: Korea

Poor animals. Now don't get me started to animal cruelty or this blog will never end. I like how he explores different countries and tries out different food. But boy... those food he ate sure are bizarre!
"I think it was a brave person that first ate a sea squirt." ~Andrew Zimmern 
You are pretty brave too! I guess it's because he is a bizarre food expert, but as a tourist, I will be fainting left and right. Moving tentacles... that's like some Japanese anime went wrong! Seriously, aside from his exotic dish, how can he NOT have diarrhea after eating all those raw food? He must have a stomach made of gold! 

Stay tune for more life facts that will blow your mind!

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