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23 November 2012

Amateur Blog Got 10 000 views!

OMG! I don't believe this... it's happening... Oh. My. God. *inhale deeply* YAY! 10 000 views! That's a lot of hits for a new blogger like me! I want to thank everyone who read, follow and support this blog. It makes me incredible happy and giddy. I aim to make this blog a great success and everyday, it seems to get better and better! The number of views are increasing more and more each day. It's like watching your child growing up! Thank you for making my goal flourish. Coincidentally, today the blog is exactly 3 months old and got its 10000 views! *happy tears* Thank you!

Tada, I decided to make a quick sketch of my grinning face (minus glasses because I hate them). Yes, yes, I know I look way cuter here than I give myself credit for... *eyes rolling* 

I was staring at the counter when it hits 9999 views. I was like OH BOY! *gripping my mouse* I refresh (my blog is not counting my own hits) and it went to 10001. I was like nuuuuu, I miss the 10000! But on the bright side, it means there are 2 sweethearts out there reading my blog at that moment. I am awfully happy. *maniacal giggle* 

Really, I want to thank my anonymous readers, followers and friends who support me. It means so much to me. I wish I could give you all a hug.

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Thank you all! Love and kisses (yes, woman calm down)!

Indian Buffet Maharaja Review

Where to find good Indian food in MontreaL? You definitely should try Maharaja Indian buffet! It's located at the core of downtown.  I have taken pictures of their different variety of curry and interesting desserts! I have to say, it was quite an mouth-opening experience I had. Now let's see what kind of food they have!

I love the interior decors. It's quite oriental with a few Indian statues, sculptures, paintings...etc. You find bits of cool artifacts in the restaurant. Really. As you can see, the decors are quite lovely. There is a big solarium section on the right side. It is a nice atmosphere for quiet couples or extremely noisy young adults (ahem... my friend threw a party there... and we were pretty loud. Sorrryyy)

This is where the chefs cook live. When I went there, he was probably taking a break after making those crunchy crepes (pretty sure I am not using the right term.) As you can see, it's quite a big space for a buffet kitchen. I'm not quite sure where they cook their food, could be here... maybe. You will have to visit them at the right timing to tell.

Now, I absolutely love this. I had to wait for the chef to leave his post so I can take a picture of this. I felt awkward asking him to be in the picture... solution: Wait till he leaves! Now this is where he makes the crepe. Then he dips the crepe into a sugary sauce. It's very tasty. Kinda like how dipping it in maple syrup. 

Mother of curry... There were sooooo many kind of curry I had no idea which to pick! So I chose the butter chicken curry and some lamb peas. I also tried the spicy beef curry. If you are scared of spiciness, don't worry. The curry are not spicy. They tell you on the tag if the curry is spicy or not. So read and taste.

Look at them! They are so fresh and steaming! Wonderful, isn't it?

Now onto Maharaja's dessert! This is their puddings. They seem to pride themselves in it. There are always this one guy who kept rearranging them and filling up the empty space. 

In my life, I had never seen blue and green jello. So I had to take a picture of those jellos! 

This is my dessert dish. On top, there's vanilla, chocolate and green tea flavored ice cream. I LOOOOVE the green tea one. So delicious. Then you have the colorful jello. Then the two mysterious desserts. I had the most fun tasting those peculiar desserts. They are so different from cakes and normal desserts I am used to. The one on the left is some sort of soft marshmallows dipped in milk. It's actually very good. Then in the middle, I guess it's a pudding. I didn't quite like it. I have no idea what flavor it was since it was like nothing I had eaten before. There are also rice pudding but I was too stuffed to try that out. People said it was good so we will take their words for it. 

Apparently, these are fried cheese! I was staring at it floating in sweet sauce for some time. Wondering how on earth can Cheese look so bad yet taste so good! It's not burnt. Nooooo. It actually very soft when you bit on it. Inside, it's beige color... it's like donuts...

Another Indian dessert that seem so strange. My friends were like "Are those radiated Pretzels?" LOLOLOL. My Indian friend told me that these are liquid that was solidify and fried. I had a taste. It was very sweet and juicy (since it used to be in liquid form). To be honest, it tasted like melted popcorn.

My friends and I had a great time lunching there. The waitress was very attentive to our demand. She didn't leave the water jar unattended. She kept coming to fill it up and clean up our plates. Pretty good service if you ask me! I had two plates of curry and one plate of dessert (you saw above). I was stuffed! Quite delicious. Like I said, if you want to try out curry, go to Maharaja. There are so many variety for you to try. You don't have to waste money to buy one particular curry flavor at food court. With a bit more, you can try as many types as you want there at Maharaja.

The Maharaja Indian Buffet prices:
Monday - Wednesday $12.99 (lunch) $16.99 (dinner)
Thursday - Sunday $13.99 (lunch) $18.99 (dinner)

Buffet Maharaja
1481 Boulevard Rene-Levesque Ouest
MontrĂ©alQC H3G2H5
Buffet Maharaja on Urbanspoon

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21 November 2012

One Piece Chapter 689 Review

 One Piece this week sent chills down my spine especially the last few pages. Luffy and Ceasar confrontation. And Luffy isn't going to play around anymore. That glare. 
Anyway, let's go step by step through the chapter. We have Brownbeard trying to convince his friends that Ceasar is not as good as he appeared to be. Of course, they dismissed his warning.

 Ceasar nose picking is... weird. I'm just saying. Maybe it's because of the lines on his face but he looks like someone who had drug addiction or those old grandma who uses beauty products to cover up their wrinkles... very poorly. 

Aww poor Brownbeard. No one believes him. That's too bad. I knew they wouldn't. That's the thing with One Piece... there are always misunderstanding. Like in Fisherman Island, they thought the Straw Hats were evil because Madam Shelly predicted that Luffy will destroy Fisherman Island (which I think he will. After a fight with Big Mom (I think), the island will start to disintegrate and the people will have to escape to the land above via Noah.) I am pretty sure that's what going to happen. 

Ceasar admitted to the truth. Ahhh don't you want to punch that face? Wait for it...

Poor Brownbeard, you don't stand a chance. The suckiest part is that you got injured by the very people you are trying to protect. That sucks. Very hard. 
My feels. 

 AWWW YIIISH, BAMF LUFFY! So close... so close.

That pose... he is ready. Yup. Massive kickass action is coming! BIG TIME!

 Ceasar buying his life.. I mean time. He explains his project and what Law's possible intention with Sad.

Doflamingo... he is so awesome without doing anything... just by appearing... he makes my day! So Doflamingo, the mysterious Shikibukai who is very well connected to the underworld and with the higher ups in the Marine, he is behind the SMILE production. 

Alright, this is where I get confused. What's the difference between SAD and SMILE? So is Sad some chemical that changed into Smile in Doffy's factory? If you guys have any clue, enlighten me!

 SMILE, it creates Zoan Type devil users... for science! I wonder who else has eaten the SMILE and not the natural zoan type devil fruits. Maybe in the future, we can start guessing every single zoan-type users that appear. Remember they gotta be big names.

 My biggest bet is that it's Big Mom. I mean we already see Big Mom's subordinates on Fisherman Island. One was a lion and the other was a super tall fellow... What do you guys think? Any speculation?
That eyes... Luffy is calm. Too calm. It's the Calm Before the Storm. Ceasar, brace yourself, a Punch is coming.
I lost count the number of times Luffy delivers his epic punch. Ah... so satisfying. Luffy is so cool. Ceasar thought of scaring him into surrender. How wrong that guy is. He chose the wrong opponent. 
"I have been taking on guys like them many times!" Luffy
Oh, you tell him! I'm so proud. *wipe tears*

So the next chapter should be about Luffy fighting with Ceasar and kicking his ass with Haki. That leaves the fight between Vergo and Smoker to the last... then Doflamingo's Baby 5 and Buffalo should arrive at the last moment (possibly trying to stop the Straw Hats from something). Ha! That's 3 epic fights we will be anticipating about! Oh, I can't wait. Really. 

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19 November 2012

Do You Know Sherlock Holmes BBC?

There are so many great scenes in Sherlock Holmes BBC. So many great lines. So many incredible moments. So many fans. I absolutely love the series. The music is well composed and fitting. The actors are... simply born to play those roles. Benedict was the perfect Sherlock Holmes with his superiority complex in the series. Martin was the nice, patient helper and the fitting John Watson. The series is set in modern London instead of in the 1800s. The directors did a marvelous job of fusing the classic with our technology and creating a brilliant series. 
Each episode is 90 minutes long. 3 Episodes per season. There are 2 seasons so far. Season 3 is coming out next year on January. 
Dr. John H. Watson is just adorable. The perfect sidekick for a superiority-complex, gigantic ego Sherlock Holmes. Look at those big puppy eyes! LOOK AT THEM! My inner fangirl is going bazooka.

Sherlock Holmes' character immediately grew on me. I know Benedict Cumberbatch is not the most attractive actor but his charm certainly won me over. His intelligent, his voice, his badass deduction, silly childishness and his arrogance just... I am his loyal fangirl! I totally am quoting Irene Adler: "Look at those cheekbones. I can cut myself slapping that face." Ahhh Sherlock~ *fangirl squeals*

Can you believe it? Both of them are going to be in the Hobbit!
John Watson (Martin Freeman) will be playing as Bilbo Baggins!
Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) will be playing as the Necromancer/Dragon. 

The most. Badass. Way of calling the police. EVER. Sherlock, you have style! So much style!

(The top photos are taken from http://sherlock.soup.io. Credits go to original posters)  

A collection of hilarious moments in Sherlock Holmes BBC

My favorite episode by far is Scandal of Belgravia (Episode 4). It was the most emotional episode and filled with a lot of characterization. At last! Sherlock falling in love!

Sherlock Holmes's first meeting with Dominatrix, Irene Adler at her home. She greeted him naked. Really butt naked. My jaw dropped, so did everyone else's. This woman... can whip the shit out of you as she did with Sherlock Holmes. 

I couldn't find a clip of her with her whip so we will have to do with music video. It's pretty well done if you ask me! The music and timing of it were perfectly fitting. 

Oh and about Irene, she turned Sherlock's ringtone of her text into her moan. So every time Sherlock got a text from her, it comes with a loud moan. So. Freaking. Funny. Did I tell you how much I like this character? She is amazing.

This part of the episode is just SO BLOODY EPIC. You should CLICK on this and watch it.
The music, the trap, the slow-motion, their acting. JUST FLAWLESS!

Now you can't watch Sherlock Holmes without witnessing some bromance moments. Well, BBC seems to have tons and is a very, very good Gay Troll-er. They had wayyy too many hilarious bromance moments and there are lines that explicitly encourage slash fans. It's ... just pure hilarity. I think it's absolutely brilliant. 

Aside from those shown in this compilation there are... let me remember... 
Upon the second day of their meeting when they are lunching at a restaurant, John decided to get to know his flatmate Sherlock Holmes... 
John: you have a girlfriend?
Sherlock: Girls aren't really my area.
John: ... so do you have a friend? Which is fine.
Sherlock: I know it's fine.
John: So you have a boyfriend.
Sherlock (immediately): No.
John: Oh ok. So you are unattached then. Just like me. Fine. Good.
Sherlock (narrows his eyes suspiciously): John... erm. I think you should know that I consider myself married to my work. And while I am flattered, I am not really looking for any...
John: No! No, that's not what I... no. I am just saying... it's all fine.
Sherlock: Good. Thank you. 
Mycroft to John: And since yesterday you've moved in with him, and now you are solving crimes together. Might we expect a happy announcement by the end of the week? 

Mycroft insisted that John looked after Sherlock on Chrismas night, causing John to cancel his date.
John's girlfriend: You are a very good boyfriend. Sherlock Holmes is a lucky man. 
BAM! John got dumped. Poor guy. 

Of course, these are just few of the many. 
While fangirls are absolutely head over the clouds for this... I personally did like Irene Adler with Sherlock Holmes. First of all, I think she is a brilliant character, very beautiful, strong and independent. It's great to see such female character. What really makes me go goo-ey with this pairing is the ending of Scandal of Belgravia.
This scene is fantastically done. The music, the tension. TOO MUCH! MY FEELS!

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18 November 2012

Batman: Court of Owls (new 52) Volume 1 (1/2)

I finally bought my first DC comic especially with all the Superheroes movies coming out like crazy this year. As a new reader I decided to start with DC because it is currently revamping all its superheroes, making it more welcoming. Otherwise... boy, I have no idea where to start! There are like 60 years worth of comics. Thank you, DC for allowing me the chance to join your superheroes' universe. I ordered them (Batman Court of Owls, Nightwing and Invincible Iron Man) from Amazon because it's cheap and has free shipping. I am going to start reviewing Batman Court of Owls by Scott Synder and Greg Capullo. I have taken cool pictures and explain the story (I will warn you for big spoilers) as we go. Ready for it? Let's do this!

As you can tell by the cover, this series is going to be "hellish" for Batman. I thought he was attacked by zombies. Well... my guess wasn't too far, consider the "spoiler" happened at the end. 

First few pages of Batman and we see Batman fighting villains with Joker. Yup! I was pretty surprised. Wait for it...

Joker in Batcave with Batman having casual conversation... Well, even a noob reader like me was very surprised. I was like "since when did they become pals? Great! Did I miss something? Is this really a revamp? Crap, I am going to be soooo lost." Fear not. [Spoiler: This is Nightwing, Dick Grayson in disguise. That sure explains lots isn't it? Haha. DC got us good.]

Batcave is so amazing. Look at those Batmobiles! The artwork is simply fantastic. I wish I dare to open the comics wider but I didn't dare. I love to keep my book as brand new as possible. I had a fun time photographing the comics at the right lighting (morning sun). The pages are all so glossy, making it hard to photograph. You tend to see the overexposed areas... anyway I managed. Hurray!

Bruce Wayne hosting a party with Dick Grayson (Former Robin #1, currently Nightwing), Tim Drake (Former Robin #2, currently Red Robin, Teen Titan) & Damian Wayne (Bruce & Talia's son, Robin)
For some reason, this picture makes me really jelly. It's like awwww... so cute...!

 Bruce Wayne being targeted by mysterious attacker who belongs to the Court of Owls. This is where things get really interesting. You don't have to be a veteran reader to understand what is going on. The author explains everything in detail. 
Basically, Bruce wants to reconstruct Gotham but the Court of Owls are not pleased. They have been hiding in the shadows of Gotham, watching. Now, they plan to strike and reclaim Gotham... how are they going to do that? Read on!
 After being attacked by a mysterious member from the Court of Owls, known as the Talon, Batman starts to investigate their hideout. He discovered many hideouts which are literally in every building built by his ancestor, Alan Wayne. Alan was a very suspicious man so he kept the 13th floor of all his buildings empty... and that's where the owls have been hiding. 
I really like this part of the comics because the atmosphere is really dark and the foreshadowing is superb. Before his death, Alan Wayne was haunted by owls. He kept saying the owls are in his home, which upon Batman's discover of the Court of Owls' hiding places in his buildings... Alan was right. They are in his home. Just hiding in the 13th floor. Pretty creepy if you ask me!
 Batman is now actively searching for every single clues about the Court of Owls. He is very uncomfortable knowing that they are someone out there claiming that they know Gotham better than he does. He is definitely not amused. 

 Eventually, he suspected that the sewer is connected to the Court of Owls. Alan Wayne is somehow related to the Owls and he died in the sewer... therefore... could it be the home of the owls? [Spoiler: Turn out that the owls are also in the sewer and that is where Batman got seriously owned and tortured. Next weekend, you shall see what happened to our dear hero at the hands of the cruel owls.

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