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18 December 2012

One Piece Chapter 693 Review

So One Piece this week is introducing Baby 5's unique Devil Fruit ability that allows every part of her body to transform into weapons. Then we have the Straw Hats finally reunited all members (except Franky who is battling Baby 5 and Buffalo) and surprisingly, Monet is also alive. Doflamingo is ordering her to blast the whole Punk Hazard apart and she is more than glad to obey that order. Pretty wicked. Other than that, nothing much super awesome special happened. Nevertheless, I was amused by Baby 5's ability. She looks sooo... strange in weapon form though I love her in human form. She rocks.
I love this colored page. Mainly because I get to see Chopper on top of Trafalgar Law's hat, Bepo, Doflamingo and Eustass Kidd. Shanks looks so bloody cool too with his eyes shadowed. Sexy. 

Franky attacks Baby 5 and Buffalo as they approached the laboratory to retrieve Ceasar.

Baby 5 looks so sexy when she is angry. I just love her, holding that big badass gatling gun. 

General Franky is just a troll in battle. He even has the Straw Hat's Jolly Roger painted on his armor. 

 Aw man... this is so strange. I can't get used to this no matter what. It's like... something out of Cartoon Network went wrong. To be honest, this panel scares me.

 Angry Bird Baby 5 launches! 

 NOOOOO! Don't do that! Don't touch Smoker! You have done enough damage to my handsome men~ let them alone! Don't be so gay and go alone.

 So the Straw Hats are all reunited with Marine G5, giant children and Ceasar's subordinates. What a gathering. Trafalgar Law is still sulking that Luffy failed to capture Ceasar. I can't believe he is not going after Ceasar. He should! I want to see why he wants to kidnap Ceasar. Era Fey sulks too...

 When I saw this, I knew shit is going to happen. I kinda pity Monet. She was quite cool before she went all berserk and transformed into harpy and stuff. Still, I am surprised Ceasar admits mistake. That's so... amazing. That means he is a man of reason after all. 

Aw crap! Awww mother crap! Don't do it... well even if you do it... everyone will survive anyway. All these characters are too important to die. And I doubt Oda sensei make the Straw Hats saved everyone only for them to get killed by a poisonous bomb. I am pretty sure it won't work. Maybe Trafalgar Law disabled the bomb or something. That will be so hilarious. I can imagine Monet and Doflamingo's face when it doesn't go BABOOM.

Doflamingo... why u so evil and sexy at the same time? I am still touched by the fact that Doflamingo apologized. He could have easily ordered Monet to self-destruct like any big naughty baddie... but he apologized. While I am aware what he is doing is horrible, I just can't help but root more for Doflamingo. It's like he is so desperate that he needs to sacrifice his best friends or something. From what I see, he seems pretty fond of his subordinates and them him. So it's a beautiful relationship there.
I just want to see Doflamingo's expression when he said these words. Was he acting? Was he sincerely sad that Monet and Vergo are going to die for his master plan? I want to know!

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17 December 2012

Do You Know Les Miserables

Les Miserables is going to be a phenomenal movie. There are so many amazing, big name actors playing: Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Russell Crowe, Amanda Seyfield...etc. I just have to take a glance at the trailer and saw Hathaway's brilliant acting and I am SOLD! I think she really stands out beautifully. Her emotions were raw and passionate. It was simply breath-taking. 

What is even more amazing other than their acting is that they can SING! Bloody hell! It's quite mindblowing! Catwoman and Wolverine can sing! Here is an interview of the actors talking about their experience working with LIVE on stage singing. Basically, they were filmed as they acted and sang. It wasn't studio recorded. It's not other professional singers' voice. It's their real voice being sung as they acted. I think it's something to be highly praised for. Their talent continues to astonish me.

The story goes briefly about Fantine (Hathaway) was a factory worker but due to unfortunate circumstances, she had to turned to prostitution. Somewhere, she met Valjean (Jackman) who helped her and her illegimate daughter, Cosette (Seyfield). Valjean used to be imprisoned for stealing bread and was released by Inspector Javert (Crowe) on parole. But he broke the parole and Javert is now hot on pursuit to imprison him again. (Time skipped) Cosette grew up to be a beautiful young lady under Valjean's care and fell in love with Marius. Then BAM! REVOLUTION in Paris! 
You have to watch the movie and appreciate the beauty of it. Seriously. 

(These pictures are taken from Les Miserables official webiste. I own nothing.)
 Fantine the factory worker. 
They cut off her hair. It looks so painful in the trailer. I can't imagine someone roughly yanks and cuts your hair. Must be a hellish experience. So I assume in this scene, Fantine was gradually turning to the path of prostitution.

Fantine met Valjean who rescued her... I assume. 

 Aww Hathaway's red nose. TT v TT 

 Russell Crowe as Inspector Javert who hunts Valjean.

 I am just staring at these actors... waiting for them to explode into other character. Fantine turned into BAMF!Catwoman halfway through the show. Valjean goes all furry and claws hands and stuff... with his Wolverine badass-ness. Inspector Javert will be like "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED" and takes a sword and goes Gladiator-mode.

We also have Helena Bonham Carter, the wife of the innkeeper who abused Cosette until Valjean came to help her out and raise her. Trust Carter to play the villain. She is so good at playing the bad guys.

 Cosette (Seyfield) grows up under Valjean's care. (Since I have never watched a Les Miserables play before, I am eager to know what happened to Fantine (Hathaway). I don't see her anymore further in the trailer... did she die? That will be the most unfortunate.)

The crew working. This shot is beautifully captured. I love the decors, the lighting, the actors...etc. Marvelous!

So guys, do go watch Les Miserables which will be released on Christmas (December 25 2012) in US or January 11 2013 in UK! I'm sure it will be worth your money. In a dark theater... actors' brilliant singing... oh wow, it's going to be amazing. 

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12 December 2012

One Piece Chapter 692 Review

 This week's One Piece is back with its epicness and excitement. Baby 5 and Buffalo from Doflamingo's crew finally made their appearance on Punk Hazard. I bet that was something many fans were anticipating since according to my blog info tracker, many people had googled up Baby 5. Yes, your very dangerous yet sexy French maid. I love her character design. A nice change from your usual damsel in distress. 

This is it. The final blow to Ceasar. We can all sense it just by looking at Ceasar's sobbing face... which is highly unattractive, I pity the guy. Momo the dragon is all gaping and cute here. *hug*

 When I saw the Den Den Mushi watching Luffy, I was like "Oh no... noooo, someone saw Luffy's awesome!" I thought it would be Joker or something but dayum... I didn't expect all of Ceasar's clients saw his power. I hope it won't put Luffy at a disadvantage later on. They know the extend of his power... I don't like that feeling. Luffy, you are going to kick all their asses, right? 

Big Mum's people saw Luffy's power. Noooo! But I think the Straw Hat and Big Mum will come to a mutual agreement at the end. Why? Remember Thriller Bark? They helped Lola the pink zombie hippo girl (who was in love with Absalom) to get back her shadow. In return, she gave Nami a Vi-card that she said will be useful in the New World and that they should go and find her Mama. I'm 99.9% sure she was referring to Big Mum. So maybe the fight with Big Mum won't be as too much of a disaster, I hope. 

KILLER! Oh, I'm so happy to see him. I also expected to see Eustass Captain Kid. Where was he? NOOOOO! I am so disappointed. He needs more screen time. 

The Straw Hats are reuniting. I feel happy. So that means the arc is reaching an end. Either they fight a common foe (Doflamingo) or it's time to leave Punk Hazard.

LOL Smoker, why you ask that? It's awfully cute. Ok, ignore this fangirl.

Angry Trafalgar Law is not amused by lazy Luffy. He is so cute when he is angry (I sound like those sadist dominatrix with a whip). Luffy's annoyed face makes me smile. They will make a good alliance. Strict and serious Trafalgar Law and goofy and playful Straw Hats. 

And behold, the gorgeous goddess of One Piece, Baby 5 enters the battlefield. I think she is absolutely beautiful. As beautiful as Boa Hancock (I'm not a fan of Shirahoshi... she is too whimpy and pathetic). Look at those slender legs. She is so cool! I like her power too. Sounds really strong. 

So we finally understand why Baby 5 wants to kill Doflamingo/Joker. Because Doflamingo killed her 8 'fiances'. Look at her teary face. It's hilarious once you realize why she is even crying to begin with. 
As for Buffalo... to be honest, he scared the crap out of me. He looks... so weird. *shudder*

 Baby 5 has kinks. Yes, she does. She is in love with men who need her. NEED. Her blush is adorable. I think she is a wonderful character with her own unique personality. Though... she really needs to filter out her potential fiances much better. Just by looking at her previous fiance makes me gag.

 Oddly enough, Baby 5 holding the bazooka on her shoulder reminds me of Sanji in Strong World. They look alike... must be the hair or something. Again, I love her pose. Wicked and Rock On!

He is so awesome even just sitting and shouting at a snail. What does he want with Ceasar? I don't understand. So Ceasar can make him a lot of SADs, that's why he needs Ceasar... but capture... the word 'capture' makes it sound like Ceasar wasn't really his ally. Maybe it's the translation error. So anyhow, Doflamingo ordered Baby 5 and Buffalo to capture Ceasar and return to Dressrosa. Does that mean they are not going to fight the Straw Hats? I waited so long for them to fight. Oda-sensei, you can't do that to us fans! *fuming*

Oh... so they are going to fight after all. Franky will fight BOTH of them? That sounds too much. I'm not sure if he can handle them both. Maybe he can. He is a weapon robot. He is heavy so he won't get blown away from rotation-wind-whip. Maybe... we will see next week. I really want Trafalgar Law to interrupt the fight and kidnap Ceasar right in front of Doflamingo's nose. That would be a sweet defeat and a massive OWNNNNNage~ please let that happen, Oda-sensei. Who do you think will get Ceasar? Doflamingo or Trafalgar Law? 

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5 December 2012

One Piece Chapter 691 Review

This week One Piece is back to more talking and less action. Well, there had a massive action fight last chapter so we will let the pace to slow down a little. So to summarize this chapter real quick, Law had openly challenged Doflamingo by cutting down Vergo and the Sad production. Ceasar made his subordinates open the air vent so that Shinokuni can enter. Many people died. Luffy is not amused at all.
Zoro carries Tashigi over his shoulder... such a gentleman but seriously, Tashigi has a big butt. LOLOL
Plus he got lost. That's so Zoro-ish and cute. 

 Sanji is jealous. Hahaha. Love Nami's "Zoro! Reverse! Reverse!"

 I hope the top dialogues are said by Vergo. I can't imagine Trafalgar Law saying "Shit. How am I going to eat tomorrow's breakfast." With Law's power, Vergo is dismembered. You see his... floating head talking to Law. Seriously, Law and Smoker look so badass in this scene. 

 Oooh, Joker's past. So Doflamingo has an epic reason as to how he ended up who he is today. Interesting. Again, Doflamingo gotta be the most mysterious character in One Piece. I get that feeling. He is all active and badass yet he is the one we know the least about. Remember Doflamingo has connection to people higher up the marine (higher than Sengoku)? When he defeated Moria, he mentioned it. So much mystery. I was hoping Vergo will elaborate more. But then Smoker doesn't seem keen to explain and Law sliced Vergo in halves again. 

 So badass this pic. Smoker walking away all Arnold Schwarzeneggar (I can't be the only one who think they look alike, right?) Law looks so cute *fangirling hard here* Anyway, I think Law is giving Vergo a chance to escape. He warned him that the room is going to explode. So that means... something right? Maybe Baby 5 and Buffalo will come to his rescue. Soooo maybe Vergo won't be as dead as Monet. 

 Meanwhile, Ceasar's subordinates opened the air vent and allowed Shinokuni to enter the building and killed a bunch of people. I got annoyed when they opened it. Ceasar already said they don't mean anything to them yet they still thought it was a joke. Do you think Ceasar is the type to joke around? Seriously! I know they are all in debt and yada yada... but... augh... *facepalm*

Ceasar is powering up! He is ... huuuuuugeee O.O 

 OH! When I see that look on Luffy's face... ya gonna get it hard, Ceasar. Hide yo wife, hide yo kids, Luffy is turning BAMF!

 Usopp telling Ceasar's men how awesome and stubborn Luffy is. Such beautiful friendship they shared. What he said is ... touching *wipe tears* 

LOLOLOL is Ceasar crying? I bet he is. Luffy looks really, really pissed off. Aw man, Ceasar, you poor bastard. Getting smashed by Luffy 3 times already. You have bad karma. This time... seriously... lie down and be dead... but then Law told LUffy to kidnap Ceasar... HUUUH! That is a plot I need to figure out. I wonder what they are up to... anyone has any idea? What's the point of kidnapping Ceasar? Who are they bribing? Doflamingo? And let's not forget Baby 5 and Buffalo coming to Punk Hazard. It's going to be spectacular!

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3 December 2012

Do You Know How to Study for Finals Exams?

So the dreadful December before Christmas holiday is here. Students... be afraid. Be very afraid. In fact, I am not too sure why I am blogging when I should be studying. That means I love you guys so much and I can't bear to be away from my blog. I am going to give some personal tips on how to study. I like to think of myself as an average student who did studied pretty hard yet get an average mark and still ended up in the first school and subject of my choice. I went through a hellish competitive Health Science environment. But I got bored of science and switched to Business. So I knooow all sort of academic pain students go through.. (except if you are in Arts then)

1) You get off the Internet right after you read this post. Seriously. My trick is that my dad will disable my Internet until exam period is over. If I need Internet, I gotta go use the kitchen laptop which I am too lazy to walk there. YUP! You have NNOOOO idea how easy it is to study without internet/phone distraction. Go to the library if you must. Be away from distractions.

2) You don't study in group
That is gotta be the most bullshit lie you tell yourself if you think you can even concentrate in a group study. Hell no. 
I tried that. I ended up doing absolutely nothing. So did my friends. We were like "WHY WE SO STUPID?"

3) Rewrite your notes
If you have time, read through your notes and at the same time, write down what you feel is the most important on a separate piece of paper. It's your cheat sheet. You just studied it the hour before your exam. Save you time and refresh your memory reaaaal quick. 

4) Do exercises!
Oh for the love of god, do exercises. I had this one computer exam (I was like whyyyy? Whyyy computer when I am majoring in Business? Whhyyy) anyway this exam, I really didn't have time to study for it. I had too many important exams before that one. So I read the summary notes the instructors provided. (Note: I know nuts about computer. I don't even know what a RAM does!) I printed out alll the past exams and spent the DAY BEFORE the exam doing them like crazy. I was sooo sure I was going to fail and I was like "NO GUTS NO GLORY!" So I studied my ass out that day. I went to the exam, did it, and got an A. I was like OMGGGGGGGG. MIRACLE! 

This is my usually 'neat' desk during my midterm. Note: ONE midterm. Basically, you see my computer is off. I have my notebook on my left. That's where I write down everything teachers said in class. Then I printed out the PowerPoint slides our teachers posted. Then I made my summarized cheat sheets (You see 2 of them. One is beneath my pencil and the other is leaning on the monitor) Then on the top left, that's the past exam that I am practicing on. Overall, that's how your desk should look like too during exams. 

So remember. After another few more weeks of horror... you will be done. Christmas HOLIDAY!
Christmas songs everywhere till you want to find the nearest person and hug their breath out!
Wonderful Christmas presents waiting for you!
Beautiful white snow on the ground and you make snowman with your family.
Go ice skating with your friends. Snow boarding in the woods...etc.
I have sooo much planned for this Winter break. I can't wait. At all!

Soooo not to spoil your winter holiday, you should really study your bum out so you won't have any lingering regret on Christmas! STUDY AND GOOD LUCK!

(Disclaimer: I took the following pics from Google. I just gotta share them!)
My god, this place is gorgeous! Good luck in your finals. May the Study Spirit be with you.

After exam...
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