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30 July 2013

Wonderful Singapore (Part 1)

Have you ever been to Singapore or wanted to go? I'm sure many of you had heard that Singapore is a very strict and organized country. Well... you didn't hear wrong. Heck, the Singaporeans themselves are aware of that and made fun of it. This is what you'll find most in souvenir stores.

This is Singapore's Technology Mall. I bet it's all computer geeks' favorite place to hang out. Look at all the brands and variety the mall has!

Be sure to visit the mall when you visit Singapore.

Then we went to the Singapore zoo (The night safari? I don't quite remember. We went too many zoos!) So here we are with the snake charmer. The yellow one was sleeping after being fed. So the snake charmer let us have the green buddy. I was pretty brave at first, having the snake around my shoulder. Then it started to coil its tail around my neck. I thought I was going to die. Thank god it was just giving me a teasing squeeze. If it was hungry... I don't dare to imagine. Overall, quite fun.  

Next, there's the Fish Pedicure. It was a little bit awkward feeding fish your dead skin. Anyway if you are new like me, you start with the little fish. It's less ticklish. The big ones might nibble your toes away... just kidding. 

You can feed the friendly sting ray with fish meat ($3 per cup).
Look how cute it is! It's like smiling. If I remember correctly, there are two types of sting rays there. One on the left and another breed on the left. How to feed them? So you pinch the meat between your fingers and place your palm against the glass. The sting ray will come and nibble it off. Don't worry. It doesn't bite you. They are super uber friendly. When they close up on you, you can feel the soft texture of their belly. An amazing experience. 

Pretty color changing jelly fish. When one in the tank changes, the others quickly imitate it and change. A beautiful sight to witness. They are like glowing. So pretty...

We tried out this strange activity. It's a tobagan I believe. Basically it speeds down the hill really quickly. This photo is taken at the beginning of the ride where drivers practice how to control the wheels. Then at the end of the line, you get to take the lift back to the starting point. It will probably take hours to walk up that hill by foot. As you can see, it is quite high. I was so scared of falling over. Haha. Silly me. As you ride along, you are granted the magnificent view of the harbor.

Beautiful, isn't it? Next week, we will see the fun side of Singapore and places you can go!
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29 May 2013

Cacao 70 (Aka Chocolate Paradise)

Cacao 70 has been one of my favorite restaurants. I love the interior decors and the chocolate! Cacao 70 is the chocolate expert and has been a splendid job. I would recommend the pizza and the waffles (see pics) if you have sweet tooth. If not, they have other meals that make you drool too! What I like about the store other than the decors and food is that the unique food decorations. I could just stare at the food all day. They are just too pretty to eat! Everything I eat, I felt like a criminal for ruining such beautiful arts. 
 The Choc-Nut Waffle ($13.50)
The waffles are very smooth and soft. The Vanilla ice cream is a perfect addition. I never thought one can eat waffle with ice cream. Again, Cacao 70 introduced me to a new discovery. The strawberries are sweet and the bananas are dipped in caramel sauce. What I love is to dip the strawberries in the dark chocolate sauce. I absolutely love how the chocolate slowly slides around the strawberries surface and fell back into the cup. Just pure fascinating.

 The Chocolate Hazelnut Pizza ($14.95) & Feel Good About Yourself ($12.75)

At first when I saw the pizza on the menu, I was a bit skeptical. I was like how can a shop specializes in chocolate be selling pizza? Then the waitress, a charming lady, explains to me that the pizza is more of a dough with chocolate toppings instead of tomato sauce (because mixing chocolate and tomato sauce with pepperoni will be weird). So I ordered it and boyyy was I surprised when the waitress came with my order. 
Splendid! Absolutely gorgeous! Look at that pizza! We ordered half of the pizza which cost $14.95. It was quite heavy because you might get too hyper after that. So my recommendation is that you should order something else with a friend and share the pizza. If you eat it alone, you will be very energetic. Haha. Also, the plate is very heavy. You will need two hands to lift that thing. I wonder if it's made of marble. It sure looks like it. 

The House Special
My friend ordered this which I suppose is delicious since everyone finished everything. 

A banana waffle with whipped cream. The melted chocolate looks so good. My friend ordered this and I wish I had too! But I wasn't hungry at that time. I certainly am now! Must. Resist.

On my third trip to Cacao 70, I ordered a Banana Parfait for $10.25. That's pretty costly for like... a glass filled of 3 banana and some whipped cream and chocolate drip. But I love it. I especially love the chocolate chunk you unexpectedly find with the banana. It is way too heavy for one person's dessert. I went there with friends who hadn't had lunched. So this is like my... tea time snack. I was completely stuff 2/3 through.

My friend ordered some yummy looking waffle with ice cream on it. I forgot the name. He also ordered a cup of hot chocolate. According to everyone on the table who tasted it, it was the best hot chocolate they have ever had. I tasted it a bit and thought it tasted like dark chocolate. I believe that cup cost $6. His brother was a bit upset about the price but quickly agreed that it was worthy after drinking it. Haha. Boys.

 This is an extra. We celebrated my birthday at Cacao 70. The chefs had agreed to keep the cake in their fridge beforehand and surprised me just when we finished eating. How mean~ hahahaha. I have to thank my friends for the little surprise. They can be quite discrete when they want to, it seems.

Cacao 70 on Urbanspoon

21 May 2013

Mont Tremblant (Hotel version) Part 1

Wonder where you can go for summer vacation? Here is a place I would recommend if you are living near Canada and love nature calling. My family went on a trip to Mont Tremblant (Province: Quebec) to enjoy the breeze lake and mountain chalet. It was one of the most relaxing trips I have ever gone to. It's perfect for families and peaceful couples. Basically, what you do there (depending on which part of the mountain you are at) there isn't any shopping mall. All you have are lakes (for swimming, canoeing, viewing), mountains (for hikers and mountain bikers) and maybe some tennis courts next to the lake. It's that wonderful. 

So this is the hotel/suite/chalet my family stayed. The place is a beauty of its own. It has always been my dream to have a house just like this one day. So to me, it's like a tease to have the place and have to go back once the trip is over. Now, I am even more motivated to work harder and smarter to achieve my dream. Anyhow, let's go on with the suite. It's a long, deserved rest for my family. Sweet Karamba!

 I marveled at this beautiful decors. When I hauled the suitcase in, I saw my mom came running to me at the door going "OMG OMGGGGGOOODDDD!" I was like "Omg what happened?" She pointed at inside the suite and went "THIS!" My jaw dropped. 

 Splendid. We stayed there for 2 nights. Best 2 nights ever. 

 Imagine waking up to the lake. Yup. My life is completed. 

My future home will look just as good, if not better. 

 We are getting ready for a big feast! The hotel provides us with everything. It's a full kitchen: Pots, plates, cups, utensil, dishwasher, washer, dryer, you name it. 

 The balcony 
 It's soooo beautiful. Mont Tremblant's view is truly something to talk about. 
My hotel also has a nice tennis court, gym, skating rink, big BBQ pit...etc. 

BBQ night! 

My mom has truly outdone herself. 

The night view. You can hear the crickets singing. 

It's raining, giving it a rather gloomy atmosphere but I love rain so extra bonus for me. Yeah, I am a rain child. 

The same lake we see outside the hotel. There are many other lakes at Tremblant. Over 400 I believe. That's craaazy. 

So this is it for now. I have to get back to study for my final and applying jobs for my superb Fall Work Term. Oooufff, student life can be tough. Anyhow, stay tune for another post on Mont Tremblant! Part 2!

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12 April 2013

Polymer Clay Meets Play Arts Kai

As most of you are aware, I am a huge Play Arts Kai fan as well as a polymer clay fan. So what's better than to combine my 2 favorite collections together? So this is how everything looks like. 

I was shopping with my mom when I came across this awesome teapot. I simply can't resist it, especially with all the fiasco going on through the internet. So I bought it for $5 brand new. I am very pleased with it. It's just sooo cute. I will have to start drinking tea just to prove a point. 

Now, I have my Play Arts Kai boys and girl, polymer clay charms and Trafalgar Law's yellow submarine all in one picture. How perfect is that? Time for some hilarious posing photos!

Squall... oh Squall, your sulking expression just made my day. Male readers, pardon me while I squeal and giggle in a corner. Oh my god, he is so cute~ like kick-puppy cute with his yummy sweet pastry! 

Then we have the snobbish sister, Jeanne Play Arts Kai from Bayonetta. She is like "check maaaah animal handbags". Gentleman Robin charm is pretty cute and I'm quite proud of it. 

Then we have the surprisingly gentle animal-loving uncle, Gabranth Play Arts Kai from Final Fantasy/Dissidia. Pikachu has ...incredibly scary bulging eyes. But aren't my little charms cute? *shameless self-ranting going on*

Bad boy Nero Play Arts Kai frm Devil May Cry 4 takes after his mentor Dante. 
It's in their devil mojo blood. 
Danta loves Pizza... and Nero loves his pies. Yup. That's how they roll. Also, if any of you know where I can bloody get Dante Play Arts Kai, please tell me. I desperately need a Dante to complete this kickass duo. *Cry*

Snow Play Arts Kai from Final Fantasy fighting with Nero while Gabranth is being adorable in the background.
Snow: You have 2 pies, don't be stingy and give me the raspberry pie. 
Nero: No. Up yours! 
Jeanne: Oh goodness, you boys are soooo childish. 

Squall: Don't get me involved in this bullshit. I'm taking my cakes with me and that's final. 
Nero: What he said. Adios suckers! *Wave pies at Snow's face*

Ok yup. That's what happens when I'm taking a break from my incredibly busy schedule. For those who are unaware, I am currently having a full time job (work term program) while attending classes. I'm sooo busy. I don't even have summer break since I have to go back to school full time. Brooklyn Raaageeee! I will survive when I graduate... I will go on a long adventure with my figurines. Mars sounds nice... yup. 

Now, there will be a new addition to the Play Arts Kai family. We are all waiting for the arrival of black Raiden Play Arts Kai (April) from Metal Gear Solid Revenge and a red Raiden Play Kai Kai (July). I can't wait. I have been eyeing Black Raiden since December 2012. When I heard that the White version was only sold in Europe, I was a bit sad. But yup. I managed to get my hands on the Black and Red versions instead. So expect reviews on them when they arrive. 
Errrmergherd puuuurayerrttts [Oh my God, Play Arts]

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30 March 2013

Polymer Clay's Little Wonders

Hey guys, today I would like to introduce you to the world of Polymer Clay! I have made some charms and they are extremely easy to make and are just soooo cute! Now I happened to come across this new hobby of mine while buying figurines (as I'm a new collector). I thought 'How did they make these figurines?'. So I did some research and came across Polymer Clay charms. 

So I went to the nearest arts craft store (Omer Deserres) and bought 3 Fimo clay packs (White, Black and Yellow) and a bag of eyepins. I started making Hamtaro, a panda, and angry bird. I realized then that I really enjoyed making these charms and made an effort to buy the acylic paints (White, Yellow, Red, Blue). I colored the Angry Bird red and Hamtaro. The panda was inked with a liquid gel black pen. 
Then I started working on the Pikachu, another cute success...
 I started to explore all the other aspects of Polymer Clay and I swear they do wonders. The clay stick very well to each other. You can just gently stick them together and bake them... they will be rock hard and firm. The bonds too. Quite amazing. 

 My first batch of Polymer Clay charms... I have to admit, they don't look half bad. Hohohoho...

 My 2nd attempt was to make clay pastry. They are sooooo challenging and fun to make! 
You have to be patient and carefully texture the clay to look like creams. I can say they are just sooo amazing. 

 Then I tried to make a gentleman Red Robin. The smaller one was made by my 4 year-old bro who was just too eager to sit aside and watched me have all the fun. He had to tried it out too. I helped him of course...

 So far, I am having a great load of fun with the polymer clay. If anyone is interested in this hobby, be sure to tell me and we can buddy up~ I just started learning about it in March 2013... so come and talk to me about it. I don't bite. 

As for those of you expected other categories' update, I do apologize. I'm actually pretty busy (hide this post). I got a work internship this semester and it required a lot of my time and energy. So I'm left exhaaausted. Anyway it's no excuse and I apologize for the wait. I will be back soon with the updates!

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