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27 December 2012

One Piece Chapter 694 Review

This is the last One Piece chapter for Year 2012! I would like to thank Oda-sensei for this magnificent series and hope next year One Piece will continue to be as epic as ever.
So now, back to Chapter 694, Baby 5 is still fighting with Franky. I love Baby 5's love interests. They are such bulls that it's funny someone as cool and cute as Baby 5 would fall for them. Lucky bastards!

She transforms her body into any sort of weapons that look soooo freaky. But hey, she is just the challenge Franky needs. Super weapon-ized humans. Thy match... they sooo match. 

 Doflamingo is apologizing to Vergo while waiting for Monet to activate the bomb that will destroy Punk Hazard. It's pretty touching moment... to see Doflamingo's caring side. I never thought we will have the privilege of seeing this side of him. What is Oda-sensei up to? Showing us his humanity... does he expect us to sympathize with Doflamingo later on? I wonder. 

Awwww Vergoooo... he smiled. My feels. I shouldn't feel pity for them but I really do. Oda-sensei is playing with my womanly feelings again. 

Oh boy! So Doflamingo is going to become the Pirate King. So. Freaking. Amazing. Epic. 
Again, it's touching to see how far his subordinates are willing to go, even to sacrifice their own life, so that their captain can achieve their dream. But then, Doflamingo loses brownie points when he has to sacrifice his buddies like that. As a good captain, he should find other alternative to avoid that... but then again, it's Dofmaingo we are talking about. He is no saint. He is a pirate. And we can't expect all pirates to be as kind as the Straw Hats. So I suppose we can forgive him for his harsher... decisions.

Zoro gets his one panel action. Long time no see, Zoro. My... he looks absolutely sexy here. 

Ceasar stabbed Smoker's heart... or did he...?

 Nope. He stabbed Monet's heart, thus preventing her from activating the bomb. 

 Trafalgar Law, you cunning sexy pirate who gave Ceasar Monet's heart instead of Smoker's.

 That grin. That evil grin is so ... *nosebleed* 
"They do say that those who do good will get good things in return." ~ Trafalgar Law
I will add those words down into my One Piece gospel. 

OHHHHH MYYYY GODDDDDDDDD~ DONQUIXOTE FUCKING DOFLAMINGO is heading to Punk Hazard! Forgive me with the caplock but Holy SHIT! I totally didn't see that! I DIDN'T! I'm here waving my arms in the air, running around my chair. Doflamingo looks downright pissed and is ready to kick ass. I don't even know what to predict anymore. I'm lost for words. If Doflamingo goes all the way to Punk Hazard (...eh... flying), there's no way he won't confront Luffy and Trafalgar Law... imagine what will happen then! He might not fight with Luffy just yet but he might attack Trafalgar Law to revenge for Vergo and screwing up his plans. 

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23 December 2012

Nightwing DC comics (New 52) Volume 1 (1/2)

Everyone knows Batman. Now some people might not know who Nightwing is. So with the DC revamp of all the series, it makes it easier for new fans to start following a superhero they like. I was always interested in how little Dick Grayson (former Robin) was doing. So when they released his Nightwing series, I had to get my hands on it along with the Batman: Court of Owls and Iron Man: Invincible (To be updated soon).

Aw sweet Jesus, the art is fantastic. The coloring makes his armor so smooth and slick. I love the metal coloring. Just beautiful. It starts off with Nightwing battling random petty villains as he returns to  back to Haly Circus (he and his parents worked there as acrobats before he became Bruce Wayne (Batman)'s ward.)

The story starts with Dick Grayson now as Nightwing encounters a villain (Saiko) who wishes to assassin Dick Grayson (without knowing Nightwing is Dick)
He wants to kill Dick is because "Dick Grayson isn't innocent. Dick Grayson is the fierce killer in all Gotham and he doesn't even know it."
Suspense. Dick and the readers were like "Huh?" Lololol. 

I love the artwork and the coloring. It's so pretty. Even the blood looks nice. I glance at the other issues of Nightwing (after volume 1) and apparently, Nightwing seems to get stabbed a lot. Meaning this exact scene with his killer crouching on top of him is a common occurrence. 

Men in tight suits fighting in a dark alley... on the floor. Sounds legit.
TROLL FACE. Srry Nightwing and Saiko, I really had to ruin your epic moment. 

Nightwing used"HADUKEN". It's very effectively. Saiko fainted.

Nightwing rescued Mr. Haly (his former boss from the Haly Circus) after Saiko attacked him to find something... that might relate to Dick Grayson. The truth is actually pretty amazing. You will see a parallel connection with Batman Court of Owls (part 2). I don't want to spoil it just yet. I will reveal the  spoiler in my next update. 

Like everyone, the first thing I saw was a big transvestite or an hermaphroditic person. Anyway. I suppose that is an interesting way to capture your attention. 

So Mr. Haly is dead and everyone from the Haly Circus is mourning. Dick Grayson will inherit the circus, much to Haly's son's disappointment. Note: That will play a key factor later on in the story.

Nightwing remembers of his past. He was confronting his old friend Zane who is currently working for the wrong crowd. Zane then mindblasted him.

Nightwing remembers his acrobatic parents. Man... the dad is pretty fit. The mom can easily pass for Natasha Romanov/ Black Widow. Heeeeyyy sexy laiiiidaaaayyyy. Oop oop.

Dick getting harassed by his nightmares/flashbacks. 

Nightwing telling Zane to find a better job after defeating him with bat sonic wave. They are like Pokemon... seriously. Ok enough jokes. I love the muscles drawn in here. Very well articulated. The clothes stretched around the limbs... just ingenious artwork. As a woman staring at these pages... I have nothing to complain. XD

Wicked. Too wicked. I love these 2 pages!
So a mysterious (it's revealed in the comic who it is right away) man hired Saiko to terminate Dick Grayson. While the man and Saiko have different reasons, they both want Dick dead. What could Dick possibly had done to enrage these 2 individuals? Remember. they want to kill Dick not Robin/Nightwing. Stay tune, all will be revealed in next week's update. 

Batman Court of Owls Volume 1 PART ONE!
Batman Court of Owls Volume 2 PART TWO!

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Disclaimer: Credits go to the original artists and writers, publishes and gang. I am just spreading the awesomeness. 

21 December 2012

My Collectibles on Shelf

For those of you who are interested in collecting little cute things to decorate yourself, this is a post for you! If you aren't the type, scoop around. I will be talking briefly about the collectibles I have and how I acquired them. I probably spent more on them than my other purchases. That should speak volume.
I painted the ceramic dragon at a place called Ceramic Cafe years ago. It was pretty pricey. About $20 an hour to paint there... and it took me 2 hours. Yup. I'm crazy. Basically the ceramic sculpture is already provided. There are teddy bears, motorcycles, vases...etc. I picked a Dragon One. Instead of painting it just one color, I applied many 'gentle' colors on it. Then you leave your sculpture with the store for a week. They will 'bake' the ceramic. Apparently, the store likes my Baby Dragon a lot and even photographed it to add into their album. I'm sooooo proud! *shameless bragging*
Votre piece a ete photographiee et apparaitra peut-etre dans notre livre d'idees! Pour vous remercier, voici un coupon de 5$ applicable sur votre prochaine visite.
It translates to: 
Congratz. Your work is photographed and may appear on our album for ideas. To thank you, here is a $5 coupon that is applicable on your next visit.
Boy, my poor parents have to tolerate my gloating for the rest of the day. 
Oooh, another piece of work I love! I folded this stormtrooper. It took me about an hour. I downloaded the picture from a Deviantart account and I was like "Alright, time for some crafting!" I'm pretty proud of it. :)

On the left, you see my 3 year-old brother's artwork. My dad helped him glued the pieces but it's still super adorable. I asked them to give it to me. Haha. The pink music box is also a soap box. I got it from a Canadian retail store called Winners for $14.99. Then the jar of colorful bubbles was bought from Malaysia for $10. You would of course recognize Gabranth and Squall since I talk about them sooo much in my other posts. They are $51.98 and $38.79 respectively. My precioussss...

One cannot ignore Eustass Kid. I bought him for $4.75. One of the best right-on-spot decisions I had done in my life. I was staring at him for the longest time at Otakuthon. I think the lady was getting annoyed with me because I was like ... OMG OMG OMG! then I walked away... and went back OMG OMG OMG! Yeah, I can't believe I EVEN hesitated. Love this figurine with all my heart! Flawless, very detailed and perfect. Even his grin looks sexy and evil! Kyyaaa~

I bought this artistic craft from a street merchant during my trip to Singapore. I bought it for $10. It was too cool to ignore. LOL queen of spending money on collectibles! Singapore has lots of interesting craftsmen, so does Malaysia and Indonesia (bought some wooden little people, totally cool)

Anyway this is just a small part of my collection. My computer shelf is just desk-sized. Just the tip of the iceberg. Wait till you see the others in my room. Hohohoho!

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18 December 2012

One Piece Chapter 693 Review

So One Piece this week is introducing Baby 5's unique Devil Fruit ability that allows every part of her body to transform into weapons. Then we have the Straw Hats finally reunited all members (except Franky who is battling Baby 5 and Buffalo) and surprisingly, Monet is also alive. Doflamingo is ordering her to blast the whole Punk Hazard apart and she is more than glad to obey that order. Pretty wicked. Other than that, nothing much super awesome special happened. Nevertheless, I was amused by Baby 5's ability. She looks sooo... strange in weapon form though I love her in human form. She rocks.
I love this colored page. Mainly because I get to see Chopper on top of Trafalgar Law's hat, Bepo, Doflamingo and Eustass Kidd. Shanks looks so bloody cool too with his eyes shadowed. Sexy. 

Franky attacks Baby 5 and Buffalo as they approached the laboratory to retrieve Ceasar.

Baby 5 looks so sexy when she is angry. I just love her, holding that big badass gatling gun. 

General Franky is just a troll in battle. He even has the Straw Hat's Jolly Roger painted on his armor. 

 Aw man... this is so strange. I can't get used to this no matter what. It's like... something out of Cartoon Network went wrong. To be honest, this panel scares me.

 Angry Bird Baby 5 launches! 

 NOOOOO! Don't do that! Don't touch Smoker! You have done enough damage to my handsome men~ let them alone! Don't be so gay and go alone.

 So the Straw Hats are all reunited with Marine G5, giant children and Ceasar's subordinates. What a gathering. Trafalgar Law is still sulking that Luffy failed to capture Ceasar. I can't believe he is not going after Ceasar. He should! I want to see why he wants to kidnap Ceasar. Era Fey sulks too...

 When I saw this, I knew shit is going to happen. I kinda pity Monet. She was quite cool before she went all berserk and transformed into harpy and stuff. Still, I am surprised Ceasar admits mistake. That's so... amazing. That means he is a man of reason after all. 

Aw crap! Awww mother crap! Don't do it... well even if you do it... everyone will survive anyway. All these characters are too important to die. And I doubt Oda sensei make the Straw Hats saved everyone only for them to get killed by a poisonous bomb. I am pretty sure it won't work. Maybe Trafalgar Law disabled the bomb or something. That will be so hilarious. I can imagine Monet and Doflamingo's face when it doesn't go BABOOM.

Doflamingo... why u so evil and sexy at the same time? I am still touched by the fact that Doflamingo apologized. He could have easily ordered Monet to self-destruct like any big naughty baddie... but he apologized. While I am aware what he is doing is horrible, I just can't help but root more for Doflamingo. It's like he is so desperate that he needs to sacrifice his best friends or something. From what I see, he seems pretty fond of his subordinates and them him. So it's a beautiful relationship there.
I just want to see Doflamingo's expression when he said these words. Was he acting? Was he sincerely sad that Monet and Vergo are going to die for his master plan? I want to know!

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17 December 2012

Do You Know Les Miserables

Les Miserables is going to be a phenomenal movie. There are so many amazing, big name actors playing: Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Russell Crowe, Amanda Seyfield...etc. I just have to take a glance at the trailer and saw Hathaway's brilliant acting and I am SOLD! I think she really stands out beautifully. Her emotions were raw and passionate. It was simply breath-taking. 

What is even more amazing other than their acting is that they can SING! Bloody hell! It's quite mindblowing! Catwoman and Wolverine can sing! Here is an interview of the actors talking about their experience working with LIVE on stage singing. Basically, they were filmed as they acted and sang. It wasn't studio recorded. It's not other professional singers' voice. It's their real voice being sung as they acted. I think it's something to be highly praised for. Their talent continues to astonish me.

The story goes briefly about Fantine (Hathaway) was a factory worker but due to unfortunate circumstances, she had to turned to prostitution. Somewhere, she met Valjean (Jackman) who helped her and her illegimate daughter, Cosette (Seyfield). Valjean used to be imprisoned for stealing bread and was released by Inspector Javert (Crowe) on parole. But he broke the parole and Javert is now hot on pursuit to imprison him again. (Time skipped) Cosette grew up to be a beautiful young lady under Valjean's care and fell in love with Marius. Then BAM! REVOLUTION in Paris! 
You have to watch the movie and appreciate the beauty of it. Seriously. 

(These pictures are taken from Les Miserables official webiste. I own nothing.)
 Fantine the factory worker. 
They cut off her hair. It looks so painful in the trailer. I can't imagine someone roughly yanks and cuts your hair. Must be a hellish experience. So I assume in this scene, Fantine was gradually turning to the path of prostitution.

Fantine met Valjean who rescued her... I assume. 

 Aww Hathaway's red nose. TT v TT 

 Russell Crowe as Inspector Javert who hunts Valjean.

 I am just staring at these actors... waiting for them to explode into other character. Fantine turned into BAMF!Catwoman halfway through the show. Valjean goes all furry and claws hands and stuff... with his Wolverine badass-ness. Inspector Javert will be like "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED" and takes a sword and goes Gladiator-mode.

We also have Helena Bonham Carter, the wife of the innkeeper who abused Cosette until Valjean came to help her out and raise her. Trust Carter to play the villain. She is so good at playing the bad guys.

 Cosette (Seyfield) grows up under Valjean's care. (Since I have never watched a Les Miserables play before, I am eager to know what happened to Fantine (Hathaway). I don't see her anymore further in the trailer... did she die? That will be the most unfortunate.)

The crew working. This shot is beautifully captured. I love the decors, the lighting, the actors...etc. Marvelous!

So guys, do go watch Les Miserables which will be released on Christmas (December 25 2012) in US or January 11 2013 in UK! I'm sure it will be worth your money. In a dark theater... actors' brilliant singing... oh wow, it's going to be amazing. 

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